Northern Football Coach Speaks to NMB

The MSU-Northern football team is currently in their off season mode and pointing toward the start of spring drills. New Media Broadcasters spoke with Northern head coach Andrew Rollin and he says he, his staff, and players wasted time in preparation for the 2019 season.

Coach Rollin, “Right when we were done playing we gave them a week off and then we went right back in the weight room. They’re ready to go they’re all in to what we’re trying to do here and build, I’m excited about that and the culture is here.”

This will be the second full spring for the current Lights coaching staff to work with the team and that should pay some important dividends.

Coach Rollin, “We’ve got a year under our belt with me calling the offense and Jake Chessnut calling the defense, these guys know the system. We can build off of it, from a technical stand point we’re gonna spend a lot of time with our technique; offensively, defensively and special teams.”

Coach Rollin also told New Media Broadcasters that this year’s schedule will have a bit of a different look to it.

Coach Rollin, “We just signed a home and home contract with Arizona Christian so we’re gonna be playing down in Phoenix game one, then we’re gonna start our conference play right after that. We’re gonna do that, I know we haven’t announced that yet but I guess I’m making the announcement right now.”

Stay in touch with New Media Broadcasters as we follow the fortunes of the Light football program through Spring drills and into the start of their 2019 schedule.

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