Bill Stopping Local Governments Making Gun Laws Debated in House

HELENA, Mont. (NMB) – About 50 volunteers for the Moms Demand Action group gathered in the Montana Capitol Monday to lobby against a bill that would prohibit local governments from implementing gun ordinances.

As Shaylee Ragar with the UM Legislative News Service reports, the head of the group, Kiely Lammers, says House Bill 325 is a step backward.

“Our number one priority is always stopping dangerous bills. We don’t want to dismantle gun safety bills that we already have in place.”

In 2016, Missoula’s City Council passed an ordinance that would require a background check for all gun sales in city limits. Attorney General Tim Fox is fighting the ordinance in the Montana Supreme Court.

Republican Representative Matt Regier of Columbia Falls presented his bill in committee on February 1st.

“Without this bill, there will be a kaleidoscope of different gun laws that checkerboard our state.”

The bill passed out of committee last week and is likely to be debated on the House Floor in the coming days.


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